A New Way to Respond When Feeling Attacked

One powerful message in A Course in Miracles is the idea around how we should respond when we feel attacked by others. An attack could be in the form of verbal or body language that we perceive as negative, or someone pulling away/deserting us or someone trying to control us. All of these we may perceive as an attack and thus we are tempted to respond as if we have actually been attacked. 

Trying to interpret someone else’s motivations is dangerous. It is very complicated, very obscuring and never without your own ego involvement. We can not see the truth. If we interpret their actions as an attack we then give it power and make it real and by doing this we overlook the truth. The only true interpretation of motivation is by the Holy Spirit and it requires no participation by us. Every loving thought is true. Everything else is an appeal for healing and help, regardless of the form it takes.

So, if your brother is pleading for help, is it right to respond in anger? The only appropriate response then is a willingness to give him what he needs, for this is what he is really asking. He is asking for love, compassion, understanding and healing. And, as we learn to perceive the situation differently, and trust that God knows the true motivations, and respond to the real true need, we not only heal our brother, but also ourselves. 

Both loving thoughts then, and attack, can be seen as opportunities to bring love into our awareness. And, as we practice responding to both with love, we will better understand the love of our Father and how simple is plan for salvation is. Any sense of strain comes from our attempts to not respond in love while his way evokes no conflict. Every appeal that you answer in the name of Christ brings you closer to understanding your Father and understanding the mutual healing that can occur.

Thank you Lord for helping us change our perception of attack, and how to respond in love, for the benefit of all involved.