Am I Free? I Am Free

Am I Free?


I wake in the morning,

Make coffee or tea,

I feed my pets,

Wonder if I’m free.


I shower and dress,

I grab my backpack and keys,

Pet my dog and cat,

Another day to appease.


I work all day,

Come home and exhale,

Another day over,

Did I pass or fail?


I brush my teeth,

I climb in bed,

I say a prayer,

I rest my head.


And, then again in the morning I climb out of bed.


I Am Free


I wake in the morning and lay quiet and still.

I ponder my day wondering what will be God’s will.

I thank him for life, for family and friends.

I thank him for abundance and make any amends.


I head to the kitchen, make coffee and smile.

At the preciousness of pets that love for a mile.

I turn on some tunes, jump in the shower.

Out the door I head feeling full and empowered.


At work I try to embrace each interaction I’m in,

With a word of encouragement, a smile to extend.

Remembering my purpose for each moment each day,

Is to maintain loving thoughts, towards who or what comes my way.


I head to my home, a place of acceptance and peace.

I love on my children and pets, and pray life’s experiences won’t cease.

I brush my teeth, climb in bed, say a prayer, rest my head.

I fall to sleep in comfort knowing there is nothing to dread.


And, in the morning, am in anticipation for what is ahead.