What is A Course in Miracles All About

To me, A Course in Miracles is a guide on a way to live life in line with God and the Universe. It is based on the Bible and other spiritual themes and universal principles. It is a self-study program that helps heal one’s belief system from a system based on fear and worry to one based on love, peace and healing. It is not a religion. It is more of a guide on how to adjust one’s perception of this life that yields a better way to live.

The book contains text and principals and then a year worth of meditation exercises to train your attitudinal muscles. It provides practice to see things differently – to look for peace – to realize your true essence – to find the love within – and to ultimately to bring healing.

For me, this course is helping me live each day with more inner joy and peace and with more of an open heart. It is helping me move away from fear based thoughts tied to the past or future and live a more conscious life full of love and forgiveness, both for my own self and for others.

It is a daily practice and will be a life journey but now I’m grateful to be on this ride.

A Course in Miracles, along with Eckhart Tolle’s teachings, are helping me further appreciate the abundance already in my life – my family, children, friends and past experiences both wonderful and challenging plus live with a sense of anticipation for what God has in store moving forward. It’s pretty much a fun way to live each day.

I’ll be working through this book as part of my learning, and sharing out the lessons and I hope that this may reach those searching as I was this year.