How To Enjoy Every Workday

  1. Start each day quietly asking how you can best be of service today to all you meet that day.
  2. Venture out with an open mind and open heart ready for whatever life brings your way.
  3. Plan to be a peaceful presence with those you encounter.
  4. Know you will be interactive with a variety of people each of whom may bring you a piece of information you need to help with a present issue. Be open to their ideas.
  5. Know you will be presented with challenging situations and begin with non-reactivity. Pause and take time to consider options. Know the right answer will come.
  6. Embrace the wonder and mystery of life and bring this perception with you into every aspect of your working day.
  7. See things as not good or bad but rather unique new situations presented to you to help you with soul growth.
  8. Remember to be compassionate and understanding with others. The tongue does cut like a knife and what we give we receive.
  9. Try to be non-judgmental – a higher title on this Earth does not mean you are any more special than anyone else – we are all equally special and equally not special.
  10. At the end of the day, be grateful for all the experiences you had that day and look forward in anticipation for what tomorrow will bring.

Kim Venter