If we only understood how magnificent we are

I’m learning that if we all could accept how beautiful and magnificent we are, our whole world changes. Just like me, God created all of us to be uniquely ourselves. He wants us to shake off all of the judgements of ourselves and others, criticisms of ourselves and others, feelings of guilt and such. Rather than seeking soothing from outside influences accept who we are and know we are perfect in his eyes. Knowing this changes things. Looking at each experience in life as a gift and a sacred moment to see a situation differently, to extend love instead of anger, to be accepting of the person or the experience, to allow emotions to occur and look upon those emotions as a piece of the puzzle to ultimate healing makes every day an adventure. Yes some situations do require decisions and possible adjustments to change a dynamic, but even in those experiences you can try to look at it objectively, pause and take time to consider what is the most loving response for all involved, analyze it as a calm observer and let the God/the universe provide you with wise council. Accepting the gift that we are beautiful, strong, powerful in God’s eyes helps build up the strenght inside each of us. It provides the confidence that we all should have. Accept this and be the very best you you can be – don’t be like someone else. Be you. Be the loving, caring, strong, important, magnificent you.

How do you do this in real life one might ask? With each interaction with each person who crosses your path you think about the fact that they are just as magnificent as you in God’s eyes. Be kind. Smile. Listen. Pray for them. Realize we are all on a journey and each interaction is a chance to learn something about yourself and as you learn more about yourself you start to find the inner joy and it begins to transform old thought patterns. It’s quite remarkable.

I pray this reaches someone who just might need to be reminded how awesome they are. God Bless.