When You Ask Got to Teach You, The Lessons Come Through Experiences…

When you ask God to teach you a lesson, or really even if you are not asking, LOL, you are given opportunities to learn through experiences. With each experience presented to you moment to moment each day, you will either feel a sense of peace, joy, love and happiness flowing through you or you may feel a sense of angst, fear, worry or resistence upon you. Both are trying to teach you a lesson and guide you in the right direction which is always the direction of peace.

When you feel the angst, do not resist it but rather take note and take time to allow yourself to figure out what is causing the thoughts, emotions and possible physical sensations.  Often it is from an old deeply held false belief that is being brought to your attention for you to recognize it as such, and heal from it. Once you bring it to the light you often realize there is no reason to allow old negative belief to continue stealing your peace and then you can take action to forgive or make amends if needed, and let the old belief go, replacing it with a new feeling of love and acceptance.

And, alternatively, when  you are presented with an experience and you feel a sense of peace, then you can rest assured that you are in alignment with not only what God desires for you, but also what you yourself deeply desire.

So, with each and every experience, pay attention to how you feel and allow yourself to be taught your lessons and grow in your inner peace, joy, love and happiness.